How to make a stuffed piggy bank

How to make a stuffed piggy bank
Image credit: While Wearing Heels

Who says stuffed animals can be only used for cuddling? With a little felt you can make yourself a stuffed piggy bank to store that loose change you have.

The blog While Wearing Heels has a nifty tutorial on how to make a felt piggy bank. It is quick and easy, and very original. All you need is some felt, scissors, needle and thread.

You can use the original pattern or you can draw one yourself. Then retrace it on a piece of felt. The size is up to you. Cut two identical pieces.

Then take one piece and place the biggest coin you have near the top of the piece. Use the width as a guide how wide the slot for coins should be and cut it with a pair of scissors.

The next step is to reinforce the slot with a straight seam along the edge of the slot. This will prevent it from tearing.

Put the two pieces of felt piggies one on top of the other and line them up. Grab your needle and thread and sew along the edges with a straight stitch.

Technically the main part of the work is now done. If you want, you can add some extra detailing on the stuffed piggy bank. Things like eyes, muzzle. You can do that with a few pieces of black felt that you cut in the needed shapes and either glue them or stitch them in place.

Finally, the stuffing. This can be either coins or small bills? Your choice.