How to make a stuffed pickup truck

How to make a stuffed pickup truck
Image credit: lemontreecreations / blogspot

Here is something you don’t see every day. How to make a stuffed pickup truck pillow. It is ideal for small children that love cars but are too young for diecast toys.

Naturally this type of a toy will appeal more to the boys. This tutorial is created by lemontreecreations and features a custom made white pickup truck that resembles the child’s dad’s truck. Thus you can easily adobt the technique to make stuffed versions of other cars and trucks. If your boy loves cars, he will love such a present.

So how to make a stuffed pickup truck

It is not that difficult to mke a stuffed pickup truck actually. First you will need a rather long strip of felt in the desired color. How long exactly depends on the size of the toy you cant to make.

Then draw a rough rectangular shape of a pickup truck. It should be looked from the side and it should have a hood, saloon part and of course the flatbed. Cut the pieces to size. You will need two side pieces and one for the bottom and one for the middle. For ease of use you can also cut the top middle piece in several pieces – hood, “windshield”, roof, back, and flatbed.

Turn the pieces around with their right sides facing towards one another. Sew the pieces together along the seams.Remember to leave one of the sides, for example the back, unsewn so that you can turn the stuffed pickup truck inside out.

Stuff it with foam, cotton or whatever you prefer. Don’t overdo it though, as you want your toy do look like a pickup not a bloated rectangular.

Next up are the wheels. You can use a cup or a class to get a nice round shape. Trace it on black felt. Pin two layers of felt one to another and sew along the lines. Remember to leave a little part unsewn for the stuffing. Cut to size, turn inside out, stuff and stitch it closed.

You can also cut some grey felt like hubcaps and put them on the wheels. Then stitch the wheels to the stuffed pickup truck.

Now cut a grey piece of felt in the shape of a windshield. Cut another piece in the same shape but a little bigger. Glue together and sew on the front of the stuffed pickup truck.

Cut another smaller piece of grey felt for the front grille. You can now add two small white round pieces of felt for the headlights/eyes. You can model the face now as you wish. Add eyebrows, smile.

Around the back you can add “taillights” by cutting two rectangular pieces of red felt. Maybe even add a number plate? Your stuffed pickup truck is now ready. Nice job!