How to make a stuffed owl

How to make a stuffed owl

Are you a night person? Or maybe you like wisdom? Or you just like cute looking birds. Then how about you make yourself a stuffed owl? Here’s how to do it.

This is a free pattern from DowneastThunderFarm. It is quite easy to do and you can achieve great results. First you neet to download the pattern. Then you can either print it out in th desired size or you can simply redraw it on a piece of paper in the needed size.

Next cut the pieces and transfer them to the fabric. The color and type of the fabric is all your choice. In the case of the tutorial it is brown felt in two shades.

Cut two pieces of the main body, which should be in a lighter color. Take one piece and place the wing. Pin it in place and add stitching as you see in the picture to mimic the wings. You can add a second wing to the other piece if you like.

Next position the head on top of one piece and have it overlap the wing slightly. Sew it around the edge.

Now it is time to add the facial features. You can follow the tutorial and cut two yellow round┬ápieces of felt and two smaller ones from black felt. Either glue them or stitch them in place on top of the white pices of felt you have cut for the face. You can also add the decorative stitching on the sides or use your creativity and dream of something completely different. Don’t forget to add the beak, too.

Then take the two body pieces and place them togeher outer sides facing each other and sew them. Leave a bit unsewn so you can turn the piece inside out and then stuff it with polyfill, cotton, foam or whatever you have chosen.

Finally you can add legs to the stuffed owl. One option is to shape them out of wire and then wrap them in fabric. If the stuffed owl is going to be played with by children though, it is best to skip that part just to be on the safe side.

Instead you can cut funky looking legs out of felt and glue them or stitch them in place. You can even make it a double or a triple layer of felt if you cant thicker, more sturdy leg.s

Your stuffed owl is now done. All you need to to is give it a name and add it to your collection of stuffed animals.