How to make a stuffed octopus

How to make a stuffed octopusOctopuses can be a a bit scary looking from time to time, but overall they are cool. Here’s how to make a stuffed octopus if you want one for your collection.

Guidecentral has a nive tutorial on how to make a stuffed octopus. Given that the shapes you need to make are quite easy, there is no real pattern. This gives you the freedom to experiment and make a stuffed octopus that it is truly yours.

First up you need to make the body. You can use an old shirt or some pieces of fabric you have laying around. It is best if the fabric is not too thin and it is one plain color. Fold it in half and cut D-shaped (although they look more like baloon-shaped) pieces. The size is up to your choice. You now have to exact pieces. These will make the body.

Next you have to make the tentacles. Eight of them. Here you can experiment with different colors if you want a more funky stuffed octopus. If you want it more realistic, then keep it the same color as the body.

The easiest way to make them is to cut eight long strips of fabric. Then fold each one in half and sew along the side and one end. Then use the opened end to turn the tentacle inside out and stuff it with cotton, foam, polyfil or whatever you prefer and sew closed. Repeat for the other tentacles.

It is time for the facial features. For example the eyes. We have done a separate tutorial that shows a few ways how to make eyes for stuffed animals. The Guidecentral tutorial for the stuffed octopus also gives a nice idea. Cut two round pieces of white felt and glue them or sew them onto one piece of the body. The position is up to you, but generally they should be lower and closer to each other. Then place and sew a big black button and a smaller white button on top on each white piece of felt.this makes your eyes.

Next, time to put everything together. Take the back body piece and put it with the outer side facing in. Then put the other body piece on top, with the eyes and outer side facing in. Sew along the round lines and leave the bottom, where the tentacles are, open and unsewn.

Take the ready tentacles and line them up on the inner lower side of the back body piece. Sew them in place.

Stuff the body of the octopus and sew it close, by sealing the tentacles on top too. Your stuffed octopus is now ready.