How to make a stuffed love bird

How to make a stuffed love bird
Image credit: Mollychicken Blog

With Valentine’s Day approaching you may want to make a special gift for your loved one. For example, you can make a stuffed love bird yourself as a gift.

If you make a stuffed love bird for your other half, you will both show you care enough to put in some extra effort and also want to make him or her something really special. Plus this is very easy to do thanks to the free pattern MollyChicken Blog has set up online. Get it and lets start the tutorial on

How to make a stuffed love bird

You will need two reqtangular pieces of fabric about 10 cm wide and 6.5 cm tall. One should be with a pattern of your choice and the other one should be plain. Next, you need one 10 x 10 cm. square patterned fabric and a little bit of red and orange felt.

Start by stitching one piece of patterned fabric along the long edge to one piece of the plain fabic. Repeat on the other side. Fold the square piece in half and place it on the bottom half of the other pieces.

Then cut the main body template and place it on the piece in the middle. Fix it in place with pins and stitch around it only on the top side – the plain fabric. You can then stitch the face in, add the beak from orange felt.

The patterned square piece should now be froming like a pocket under the face of the stuffed love bird. Flip over and using the previous sticth line as a quide, stitch the pocket to the main body.

Then cut the feet and “feather” for the head from red felt. Stitch them in place on the front.

Next pin the two body pieces together on with their inner sides facing each other and stitch them together. Leave a little cap at the bottom for the stufing.

Turn the pieces inside out. Fill the stuffed love bird with stuffing, like cotton for example and sew the gap. You can also cut a heart from felt and add a message to it then place it in the pocket.┬áNow you have your stuffed love bird ready for Valentine’s Day.