How to make a stuffed Loch Ness monster

How to make a stuffed Loch Ness monster
Image credit: We Lived Happily Ever After

The Loch Ness monster is one of the big myths. But it can become a reality in your stuffed animal collection. All you need to do is to make a stuffed version of it.

Making a stuffed Loch Ness monster is not that difficult. Actually it is made easy thanks to this great pattern. The tutorial there is for making a really big stuffed Loch Ness monster. Big enough that a two-year old child can use it as a small riding horse. Naturally you can use the tutorial for making other sizes too. Simply scale them to your desired measurements.

The main tutorial call for about 1.5 yards of green felt. This is about 1.4 meters. You will also need some pink and black felt as well.

Download the pattern and cut the green felt into the shown pieces. You will need eight flippers, one belly piece and two body pieces.

Stack two pieces of flippers one on top of the other and sew them together. Leave a little space unsewn so that you can turn the pieces inside out and stuff them. Do that for the other flippers as well.

Next place the two body pieces on top of the other. Then lift the upper piece a bit and place the belly piece along the edges. Sew the belly piece onto the two body pieces then sew the body pieces together as well. Leave a bit of an opening at the neck to be able to turn it inside out.

Then take some stuffing (it can be poly fill, an old pillow and etc) and stuff the body. Start with the neck and tail. In order for the neck to be able to stand up, you will have to put a lot of stuffing there but don’t overdo it, because you want to have a slim neckline of your stuffed Loch Ness monster.

Next sew the neck hole in place and the body is done. Align the flippers on the body. Pin them in place, then sew them onto the body.

Then it is time to add the eyes and facial features. You can follow the tutorial or you can personalise your stuffed Loch Ness monster up to your own desires. Use the black felt to make the eyes. There are other options too.

You can use the pink felt to add extra detailing too. Like the belly for example. This though is up to your own preferences. Your stuffed Loch Ness monster is now ready to play.