How to make a stuffed kangaroo

How to make a stuffed kangaroo
Image credit: Rhythm & Rhyme

Need more additions to your collection of plush animals? Make a stuffed kangaroo. It is quite easy to do when you have this free pattern that you can use.

In order to make a stuffed kangaroo first you must make a couple of decisions. The most important one is what fabric you are going to be using.

The original tutorial for making a stuffed kangaroo uses felt. But actually you are free to chose whatever fabric you want.

The second decision is the type of stuffing you would be using. This depends on the size of the stuffed kangaroo you’re making.

For smaller toys you can use rice, pellets, cotton. For bigger one though it is best to go with cotton, foam or both.

Now you need the pattern. The original is here. You can print it out in a size you wish or you can simply use it as guidance and redraw it in a way and size you want.

Credit: rhythmandrhyme

The pattern includes a baby kangaroo called Joey. It is to sit in the pocket of the mamma kangaroo.

Right. You have now traced the pieces onto the fabric and cut them in the needed size and shape. Now, depending on the material used, you can start straight with the sewing. If the fabric you’ve chosen has an inner and outer side, then place the two identical pieces with their outer sides towards one another. This way you will have just nice seams when the toy is done and you turn the pices the right side out.

Remeber to leave an opening which will allow you yo turn the pieces inside out. You will also use it for inserting the stuffing later on.

Due to the complex shape of the kangaroo you will need some extra help to place the stuffing properly. This can come in the shape of a chopstick or any other stick you have laying around.

After you’ve stuffed the body and sewn it close, it is time to sew the pocket on. This is where Joey will go.

The last things to add are the eyes and ears. The eyes can be small buttons or pellets. Here we have quite a few options on how to add eyes to a stuffed animal. If the stuffed kangaroo is big enough, you and also embroid or add a nose and whiskers.

Finally the ears. Pinch one end and hold it like that with a needle or some thread. Then sew it in place on the head of the stuffed kangaroo. Now comes the most important part. Give your new stuffie a name and introduce it to the other members of your stuffed animal family.