How to make a stuffed goose

How to make a stuffed goose
Image credit: Echoes of a dream

Making your own stuffed animals can be a great hobby which is a lot of fun. Here is how to make a stuffed goose with this free pattern and tutorial.

The pattern is made by Echoes of Dream. It features all the parts you will need to make and some instructions. You can print it out in the desired size or you can redraw in in the desired size if you don’t have a printer.

Next up gather the materials you will need. You can use felt to make the stuffed goose or you can use some other type of fabric you have around the house. If you are feeling especially creative you can opt for more than one color too.

The stuffed goose you see on the main picture for example uses white fabric for the belly, head and underside of the wing and a pattern fabric for the main body. This will give a more realistic look to your stuffie. Also be sure to get a different color fabricĀ for the beak and legs, too.

Now cut the pieces of fabric in accordance with the pattern. Follow the instructions on the pattern for how many pieces you need and which way you need to position them (the letters on each end of the pieces). You should leave about a centimeter or so for seam allowance.

Put the main body pieces with their outer sides facing each other. Line up the underbody too, also with its outerside facing in. Sew along the edges and leave the top part of the back unsewn, so that you can turn the body inside out and then place the stuffing in.

Use the same process for the legs, beak and wings. For extra detailing you can run white stitching on the top of the wings (the dotted lines) after you have stuffed it. This will give it a more wing-y look.

Then attach the beak and legs and sew them in place. For extra sturdiness you can put wire in the legs to make the stuffed goose able to stand on them. But if a child is going to play with the toy, it is best to leave it with soft legs just in case.

Finally it is time for the eyes. You can refer to this guide how to make eyes for stuffed animals and choose an option that you like the most. Your stuffed goose is now ready. You need to give it a name and introduce it to the rest of your stuffed animals.