How to make a stuffed elephant

How to make a stuffed elephant
Image credit: Surprise DIY

Elephants are very popular animals. There are many ready made stuffed elephants out there, but sometimes you just want to create your own.

At first it may sound a little challenging. But it’s not really. The most difficult part is to preprate the pattern and we have you covered.

We’ve found a great ready-made pattern for a stuffed elephant which you can use.

Making a stuffed elephant

First up you will need to get the stuffed elephant pattern. You can either print it out or redraw it to your desired size.

Then retrace the pieces onto your desired fabric that you want to use. Remember that you need to cut two pieces for each side. Also cut them a little bigger than needed because you will need the extra room for the seams.

If you want to have the same double tail for your stuffed elephant as the one in the picture, then cut four such pieces (the ones on the left on the pattern). You will also need four pieces for the ears.

Then start sewing the pieces together. Put them with their inner sides out and sew them. Remember to leave one side opened so that you can put the stuffing in later. After you’re done, turn the piece inside out so the outer side is now on the outside. Then add the stuffing of your choice.

When you’re starting work on the head of the stuffed elephant first sew each eye in place on each piece. You can use a button, beads or whatever else you deem good.

After you’ve sewn the head pieces together, you can add the smile. Use thicker black thread to run a line as a smile.

Lastly start sewing all the pieces together to each other. Start with the smaller ones first as you will need the extra room. For example first attach the ears to the head and the tails to the body. Then sew the head to the body and voila. You now have your won stuffed elephant.