How to make a stuffed dinosaur

How to make a stuffed dinosaur
Image credit: Monkey See Monkey Do

Making this simple stuffed dinosaur it is a great first time project that will help you get the basics for making stuffed animals yourself. Lets begin!

The original tutorial and pattern is by Monkey See, Monkey Do! This stuffed dinosaur is very easy to make and all you need are two bigger pieces of fabric for the main body and a few smaller pieces of black fabric (felt would be ideal) for the details.

After you have cut the pieces, place them with their outer sides facing each other. Then cut the spikes and place them on the top side inbetween the two main pieces making sure they are facing down and show only a little bit above the main pieces.

Fix the pieces to each other with pins. Sew along the edges of the pieces. You can do that by hand or with a sewing machine. Leave the belly unsewn so you can turn the pieces inside out and then stuff dhem.

For stuffing you can use cotton, wool, foam. Don’t put too much stuffing as it will make the toy look bloated. It will take some trial and error to achieve the desired result. Then sew the belly.

Technically your simple stuffed dinosaur is now finished. But you can use the black felt to add some extra details. For example you can sew spots on the side of the body.

You can add eyes and other features to your stuffed dinosaur. This will make it even cuter than it is and it is a great way to explore the possibilities for when you embark on even more complicated DIY stuffed animals.

Trust us. Once you have made one stuffie, you will continue to make more and more. When you do, we would love to see them here or in our forum.