How to make a stuffed crochet moose

How to make a stuffed crochet mooseWith Christmas upcoming, deers and mooses raise in popularity yet again. What a better gift than making a crochet stuffed moose for a stuffed animals lover?

Mooses are very majestic animals but also very cute. They are a classic holiday animal. Here’s how to make a stuffed moose yourself.

Making a stuffed crochet moose can be a bit of a challenge. Especially if you can’t knit or are too new to this. But it is an interesting project to begin and train on. And you can always substitute the yarn for another fabric and get a similar stuffed moose.

You will need:

1 skein of dark brown yarn for antlers and feet (100g/83m)

4 skeins of light brown yarn for head, body, and legs (100g/83m)

Crochet size 9 (I)

Two buttons for eyes

Two smaller buttons for nostrils

Foam, pellets or other type of stuffing

You need to follow the classic single crochet pattern. You will need to make each part as a separate piece. Meaning you will have to knit a separate set of ears, four paws and etc.

You can check out the full details on how to make a stuffed crochet moose here. There’s an exact knitting pattern that you should follow in order to achieve the desired result.

If you can’t really knit, you can make a stuffed moose out of other fabric.

In this case you can follow the classic way to make a stuffed animal. Choose a fabric you like and cut two separate idential pieces for each ear, paw and so on. Leave a bit of an extra space for the seams.

Put the two cut pieces with their inner sides out and sew them together. Also leave one side opened for now. Then take the piece and turn it inside out. Now the proper outer sides are your and the seams are hidden. You can now fill the piece in with stuffing.

Do the same with the other pieces. Then sew them together. You can also follow the instructions at the source for some extra tips for the moose pattern.

At the end sew on the eyes and nostrils and you’re done. You now have your own crochet stuffed moose. Or maybe you have your own classic stuffed moose. Or maybe even both. We’d love to see them. You can share them here or in our forum.