How to make a stuffed cat

How to make a stuffed cat
Image credit: Wee Wonderfuls

The internet is full of cats. It is about to get another one. We have for you a great free pattern to make a stuffed cat. It can be done quick and easy.

The pattern is made by Wee Wonderfuls. It is completely free on one condition – you must not sell toys you’ve made with it. The original pattern is available as a PDF to print out right here.

Now lets see how to make a stuffed cat.

The pattern is made by Hillary Lang. You will need 1/4 yard of fabric. Originally Hillary is provisioning the use of scraps of wool felt and etc. But you can substitute the fabrics with any of your own personal choice.

You will also need 2 buttons for eyes and embroidery floss for the whiskers.

Then you have to trace the pieces from the pattern to the fabric and cut it to size.

Remember that you need two pieces of each part. When you are sewing them together, place them with their outersides one against the other. You can keep them in place with pins.

Sew and leave one side unsewn so that you can turn the ready piece inside out. Then fill it with the stuffing.

The stuffing in question can be wool, foam, pellets or whatever else you want. It’s best to go with something soft and good for cuddling.

Then you have to start attaching the pieces together. Take your time. You can help yourself by first attaching the pieces one to another with pins and then sewing them together.

After the head is done, you can sew on the two buttons that will serve for eyes. You can cut a colored piece of felt for example and either sew it on or glue it on as the nose.

For extra tips on how to make even more realistic eyes for your stuffed cat you can check these out.

Here you can see a few tips on how to make whiskers.

Now your stuffed cat is ready. It is time to give it a name and introduce it to the rest of your stuffed animals.

You can also show it to us here or in our forum. We’d love to see it and also your other creations or tips.