How to make a stuffed bird

Image credit: Nellie's Needles
Image credit: Nellie’s Needles

Do you like to create your own stuffed animals? It’s very easy and you need some materials and a little fantasy. Here’s how you can make a stuffed bird.

It all starts with having the right pattern. You can draw one yourself according to your own preferences. Or you can use a ready made one. Fo example check this one out.

You can either redraw it on a piece of paper up to the size you want or you can simply print this one to the size you want. Then cut the pieces along the thick black line.

Now lay the pieces on a piece of fabric of your choice. It may be a single color or a pattern. The choice is your. Secure it with a couple of pins or use wax paper and an iron to make the pattern stick to the fabric.

Then cut the piece. Do that one more time for the other half. If you’re using a fabric with a pattern, take notice of it and which side would be on the outside before you cut the piece.

After you’ve cut all the pieces it is time to start the assembly. Put two identical pieces with their outerside facing the inside and sew them together. Leave one side unsewn so you can turn the piece right side out and then fill it with stuffing.

The stuffing can be wool, cotton or foam. It all depends on what you have and you want to achieve.

The original source for the stuffed bird has wire legs for it. But if you want to use your stuffed bird for cuddling, then softer legs would be better.

You can draw them on paper and the cut them on a piece of fabric and stuff them. The lenghts and size is up to your preferences.

Then start attatching the pieces to the body and sew them together. Take a couple of beads and sew them as eyes.

Put the final touches according to your desires and voila! Say hello to your newest addition to your collection – a stuffed bird.