How to make a stuffed animal videos

Have you ever wanted to make a stuffed animal? What better way to expand your collection by creating something of your own, right? As we have covered before, it is relatively easy.

But still you may want to need some visuals before you make a stuffed animal of your own. Happily in the days of the internet this is as easy as typing your request. We did just that and found some great videos that will show you nice ideas of how to make a stuffed animal.

First up a video from HGTV Handmade. They show you how you can turn ordinary household objects into great stuffies. All you need is an extra dose of creativity and you’re set.

But what if you want to make something specific. Something that is modeled on an already existing character for example. Well then you will have to be much more precise with your work.

Here’s an example of how you can make your own plush version of Yoshi. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s one of the popular characters from the Mario Brothers video games.

There’s also another way to make stuffed animals. This video goes through the process nicely plus it features some extra tips for those of us with pets. It also has some extra tips for using sewing machines.

If you have your own tips on how to make a stuffed animal or you have already made some stuffies we’d love to see them. You can share them in the comments below or in our forum.