How to make a stuffed Angry Birds Pig

How to make a stuffed Angry Birds Pig
Image credit: Obsessively Stitching

The Piggies in the popular games Angry Birds are thought to be the bad guys. But hey do look rather cute. Here’s how to make a stuffed Angry Birds Pig.

The Angry Birds game has proven to be very popular over the last few years. It’s popularity is seemingly fading a bit, but that’s not exactly true. It is just that now everybody knows the game and its characters. Amongst them are the Piggies.

We’ve already seen how to make stuffed Angry Birds. Now it is time to create their rivals. Although we think that after you make a stuffed Angry Birds Pig it will be more interested in rolling around having fun than fighting with anyone. Unless you make the King Pig or the Corporal Pig. But we are going to focus on the Minion Pig.

The blog Obsessively Stitching has a great tutorial on

How to make a stuffed Angry Birds Pig

First you need the pattern. You can download it and print it out in the desired size or simply redraw it.

As the tutorial says, cut four body pieces, two ear pieces, two eye pices and one of each of the snout pieces. Then Applique the pupils in the eyes and then the insides of the ears with free-motion or regular sewing foot. Sew from the back side of the pieces.

Then make a running stitch aorund the eyes about a 1/4-inch or 0.6 cm from the edge. Then pul the end of the thread do tighten the stitch. Don’t tighten it too much as you need room to stuff it with the stuffing which can be cotton, wool, fiberfill, foam… whatever you have or want. After you stuff the eye, close the seam completely and leva the thread tail because you will need it later. Repeat for the other eye.

Then it is the snout. Layer piece 1 with some black fleece on the fornt and sew the nostrils shapes around the back. Trim the excess and voila! Next put piece 2 on top of piece one and line it up for seam allowance.

Sew along the edge around starting from the bottom of piece 1 with the nostrils. Then turn it around to have the snout complete. Refer to the tutorial for better pictures if needed.

Finally the main body. Applicque the eye brows on each of the two body pieces. Sew the two front pieces together, then the two back pices together. Sew the ears onto the front, then sew the back in place, leaving a hole to turn it around and put the stuffing in. Then sew the eyes and snout in place and voila! You have just made a stuffed Angry Birds Pig!

If you want, you can make different versions by adding a crown, mouth and so on. As companies often say “collect them all”, here we can say “make them all”.