How to make a sock teddy bear

How to make a sock teddy bear
Image credit: RAWR Creatures

There is no such thing as too much teddy bears. So sometimes you just have to make one yourself. Lets see how to make a sock teddy bear with ease.

You don’t need much stuff to make a small cute sock teddy bear. There is a nifty tutorial online, that shows you how easy is to make such a toy.

Naturally you need a sock. Better make that two different old socks. One will be for the main body parts, and the other for the smaller parts and details. The colors of the socks, whether there should be any figures or patterns on them is entirely up to you.

Now take the sock you will be using for the main parts and turn it inside out. Use a marker to draw the basic shapes. For example use the toe part of the sock for the chin of the head and draw the top of the head and ears a little bit above it. On the top part of the sock, above the heel, draw four identical paws.

Draw the bottom paws above the top ones and facing away from the head. Thus, you will have to only cut between the bottom paws and leave them with the main part of the sock which will also act as the body.

Cut along the lines with scissors and remember to cut the both sides of the sock at the same time. Also trim a small bitĀ from the bottom of the chin of the head to have a hole for the stuffing and sewing later.

Sew along the opened parts of the bottom paws. Fill them and the body with stuffing. That can be cotton, wool, small pellets. Also fill the head.

Stitch the top of the body closed making a round end. Do the same for the bottom of the head. This will create a nice neckline when you stitch the two parts together which you should now do.

Use the second sock to cut a round piece for the face of the sock teddy bear. Stitch it on the front of the head. You can also insert a little bit of stuffing beneath this piece to give the face some shape.

Next up are the eyes and nose. You can use small buttons for that. Or you can check out our tutorial on how to make eyes for stuffed animals. This includes a sock teddy bear.

Finally stuff the top paws and stitch them to the side of the body. Don’t close the top seam in a round shape. Stitch directly to the body to achieve a more flush with the body look. Finally give your sock teddy bear a name and welcome it to your family.