How to make a sock octopus (video)

How to make a sock octopus (video)Making stuffed animals out of old clothes, like socks for example is a fun DIY hobby. We came across a nice video that shows how to make a sock octopus and decided to share it with you.

The video is by Elegant Fashion 360. It shows you the entire process of making a sock octopus.

This is a great first time project because it follows and shows a relatively easy process. You need a big sock, some stuffing, needle and thread.

Stuff the sock and clamp the middle to form two round parts. Then cut the sock through the middle. Take one part of the stuffed sock and sew it close to form a soft ball.

Take the second sock and cut four round pieces from it. Then run a zig-zag seam through the piece in order to make small round legs. Use the left over pieces of the sock to stuff the pieces and sew them close. Make a total of four. The next step is to stitch the pieces together.

Now it is time for detailing. You can add facial features to the sock octopus from a piece of black felt. This is up to your creativity. You can add eyes too. You can glue them in place or you can sew them or even embroider them.

Check out the full video for the complete process and a couple of more fun tips on how to make extra accessories for your sock octopus including a top hat.