How to make a sock cat

How to make a sock catDo you have a few old socks laying around? Of course you do. With a little stitching you can make your very own sock cat. It’s easy and fun.

Socks are great and easy way to create various stuffed animals and get the hang of it. It’s a nice first step before you start to tackle more ambitious projects.

All you need is a quick tutorial and of course, the materials. Actually you have all needed materials right now in your home.

What you will need are a couple of pairs of old socks, thread, needle, a couple of buttons, cotton or foam and some felt. Then you can watch the live-action video tutorial from Professor Pincushion which will guide you step by step through the whole process.

In the video most of the stitching is done with a sewing machine. It’s quicker and easier, but you can also do it by hand.

The great thing is that here are no patterns to cut or draw. You can see in the video how to make all the pieces. It turns out to be easier than you expect.

You can follow the instructions step-by-step to create the exact same sock cat (well in a different color since the socks will for sure be different). But you can also personalize it a bit with some different colors or facial features.

On the whole, the project should take you about an hour or two if you’re not experienced. Feeling inspired to do more? How about to create your own sock teddy bears, too.

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