How to make a sock bunny

How to make a sock bunny
Photo credit: Les tissus colbert

Stuffed animals made out of socks are a great way to expand your collection and set your creativity free. A sock bunny is relatively simple to make but also can be very, very cute.

Here is how to make a sock bunny with ease. The tutorial is made by Kelly from Les tissus colbert. The tutorial is in German so we decided to help out the English speaking part of the stuffed animals fans.

Making a sock bunny

The basics of a sock bunny is of course the sock. Actually you need a pair of socks. At the above link you can see the basic pattern.

One sock is for the head, ears and hands of the sock bunny. The other sock is for you to cut the body and legs. Remember to cut to identical pieces of each part because you will need both a front and back.

Lets say you start with the head. Put the two pieces with their outers sides toward one another. Secure them with pins and sew around the ends. Leave one side unsewn so that you can turn the piece inside out.

Then you can fill the ready piece with stuffing. You can use cotton, wool, foam, beans or pellets. It depends on what you have available and how soft do you want the sock bunny to be.

For eyes you can add beads or tiny buttons. You can also embroid eyes and whiskers. Check out a couple of extra tips on how to make eyes and whiskers for your stuffed animals. The same for the nose – you can use a button or a bead.

After you have made all of the parts, it is time to put them together. Take one leg for example and sew it to the body. You can help yourself out by attaching the leg with pins while you sew it to the body.

You can then add extra details to your sock bunny. For example you can make a sweater from a third sock. This is entirely up to you.

Your sock bunny is now ready. It is time to give it a name and introduce it to the rest of your stuffed animals. We’d love to see it, too. You can show it in our forum.