How to make a scented stuffed animal

How to make a scented stuffed animalIf you cuddle a lot with your plush toys you know that with time they might start smelling a bit bad. By adding a nice scent to your stuffed animals you can cuddle with them for a long time and make them smell all nice and fresh.

Making a scented stuffed animal is not difficult. While there are many already scented stuffies out there, you can easily do it to almost all plushies with no big issues.


So, how to make a scented stuffed animal?

First begin by deodorizing the stuffie of your choice. Give it a nice clean so that it can be ready for the next steps.

There are two different ways you can add scent to a stuffed animal. The easier one is by making a smal sachet which you then scent and put inside the toy. The added benefit is that you can easily change the scent or replenish it by rescenting the sachet or making another one. The bad part is you have to cut your stuffie to put the sachet in.

Making the sachet is very simple. First you have to prepare the scent. Take a bottle of fragrance oil of your favorite scent. Put some dry rice in a jar with about a spoon from the oil. You can cover the top of the jar with some cloth and elastic band or a lid with holes in it. Let the jar sit until the oil has evaporated and the rice is completely dry again. Shake the jar twice a day to help the process move along.

Now simply take an old sock for example and fill a part of it (depending on the size of the stuffed animal) with dry rice. Tie the end of the sock and you’re done with the sachet.

And now for the tricky bit Рplacing the sachet into the stuffie. It is best to find a seam along the body of the toy where it is not too obvious and rip it with a seam ripper just enough to be able to place the sachet. You may have to remove some of the stuffing to make everything fit nicely.

Then you can add a Velcro strip to be able to open and replace the sachet at will. You can also add a zipper instead but a Velcro strip yould be easier. And you are done.

Optiion 2

The other option you have if you want to make a scented stuffed animal is quite simple. You can mix the oil in some water and use a spray bottle to spray it onto the stuffie. It is ieasier than the first option but you will need to reapply the scent more often and you run the risk of damaging the fabric if you overdo it.