How to make a sand drawing of your stuffed animal

How to make a sand drawing of your stuffed animal

You are at the beach and you miss your stuffed animal friend? You can draw a picture of him or her in the sand! It is very easy to do. Check it out.

Making a sand drawing of your stuffed animal is a great way to pass the time and have some fun. It will be even easier if your favorite stuffie is with you on the beach or at least you have a picture of it on your phone for reference.

Now it is time to begin and make a sand drawing of your stuffed animal.

Step one: Clear up some space under the beach umbrella. Note the rotation of the shade so that you have enough time under it. Another option is to simply move the umbrella as the shadow rotates.

Step two: Even the sand out. Then moisturise it with water. It was to be quite wet, but not soaking so that water is coming out.

Step three: Take a small stick or a shell, even a pen and start drawing the main outline of the figure. If you make a mistake, simply even that bit out and then redraw that bit.

Step four: With a shell or a small shovel start digging out the sand around the outline. The goal is to make the outline seem like it is raised up from the ground. Check the sand moisture as you do this and add more water if needed.

Can you guess who this is?

Step five: Smooth out the edges with your hand slowlys and gently.

Step six: Start drawing the eyes. You can make them raised by digging out a little, or you can dig them in. Or you can do a combination of both.

Step seven: Add the facial features, nose, mouth and so on.Take your time. Add a little water if needed. Pour it from very low or gently tap your wet hands on the sand, otherwise you risk washing it away.

Step eight: After you are done with detailing the sand drawing, it is time to make a photo of it, because sadly you can’t really save it for long other than on a picture. If you do make a sand drawing of your stuffed animal, do share it with us. We can’t wait to see them!