How to make a realistic stuffed Dashmund

How to make a realistic stuffed Dashmund
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Dashmund dogs are very cute and very popular. Want to have one, but don’t have the time to properly look after it? Then make a stuffed Dashmund yourself.

Dollmaker over at nunodoll has a great tutorial on how to make a realistic stuffed Dashmund. Be sure to check the tutorial as it features nice work in progress pictures that will help you with the process.

For that you will need to get some fur fabric, thin cloth, leather or felt for the nose, stuffing, thread. You wiill also have to make eyes. It is also possible to get a ready-made nose from a hobby store.

You also need the patterns which are on the original link in the third section. Be sure to follow the measurements exactly as you don’t want to get a crooked dog, right? The finished toy should be about 28 cm high.

Print out each pattern on a separate A4 piece of paper. Cut them to size and leave seam allowance of about half a centimeter.

All of the stitching happens with the classic way. First place the matching pieces with their outer sides facing each other. Sew along the edges and leave a side unsewn so that you can turn the pieces inside out. For the body it is best to leave the belly opened for that same reason.

Remember to put the thin cloth for the inner part of the ears. When you have sewn the two sides together and they are still turned, you can add the nose if it is going to be self made. Cut the black leather piece according to the pattern and stitch it on the face of the Dashmund. Sew the nose to the chin and then the top of the nose.

Turn the body inside out and stitch the tail too. Start filling the body with stuffing. Add more to the head to make it able to stand straight. When you are pleased with the results, sew the belly shit.

Depending on the type of furry fabric you have chosen, you may need to trim it a bit on the face and muzzle. This will help you shape the face lines.

Then it is time to add the eyes. You will also have to embroid the mouth. Use thicker black thread for that.

For extra detailing you can embroid the fingers on the paws as well. Use the same technique as with the mouth. Now you have made a realistic stuffed Dashmund which is ready to be added to your collection of homemade stuffed animals.