How to make a hammock for stuffed animals

How to make a hammock for stuffed animals
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Having a hammock for stuffed animals is a great way to keep them neatly organized and stored while they rest. The good news is that making one is a relatively simple job and you don’t really need trees or poles.

There are several ways in which you can make a hammock for stuffed animals. The basics are mostly the same but the used materials can vary. This all depends on what you have at some and what effect you want to achieve.

So we leave that part to your own creativity and we will focus mainly on how to build the thing.

Making a hammock for stuffed animals

First you need to choose the type of material you’re going to use. You can use pretty much anything. Maybe you have some old clothes laying around which you can repurpose. Old curtains, bed sheets and so on also would to the job just fine. Of course you can go with something more special and buy some fabric especially for the hammock. The choice is yours.

It is now time to choose the place where the hammock would be. You can choose a corner between two walls or you can simply have it on one wall. You can even hang it from the ceiling although that would make it a bit too high and not that practical.

Next up is deciding how you’re going to attach the hammock to the wall. There are several options. You can use nails or screws if the type of wall allows that. You¬†can put hook or you can go with something relatively easy – tacks.

Now it is time to shape the sheet of fabric. Take one end of the sheet and tie a classic knot on itself. Then do the same on the other end. Where exactly you put the knots has an effect on the overall useable lenght of the hammock. Keep that in ming because you don’t want it too saggy not too shallow.

It is time to hang the hammock on the wall. It may take a couple of test fits in order to get the exact shape you want, so don’t hurry and put the tacks or nails in place immediately.

Attach the hammock to one side and then do a couple of test fits with temporary placement (like tape for example) to figure out which is the best place to put the other end on. You will want to keep both ends relatively leveled.

After you’re happy with the placement, fix the hammock for stuffed animals in its permanent place. Now it is time to fill it up with all the stuffies that will live and hang out in it. They look happy, don’t they?

And there you have it. A quick and easy hammock for stuffed animals.