How to make a fabric dollhouse

How to make a fabric dollhouse
Image credit: A girl and a Glue gun

We are used to think of dollhouses as these big and heavy things in the kids’ bedroom. But a dollhouse can also be small, movable and made out of fabric.

There can be many benefits for making a small, moveable fabric dollhouse. There is a free tutorial by a website with the funky name A girl and a glue gun. The great thing about making a fabric dollhouse is that you have the complete creative freedom.

You don’t have to make do with what a toy manufacturer has made. You can create any type of house, any design. Here is another example of that. This one even included all of the needed measurements to make a nice portable dollhouse.

For the actual sides you could use plastic canvas or a great material called styrene. Both are available in hobby stores and are cheap and quite durable. You can cut them into the needed pieces of desired sizes by following the tutorials above.

Then it is a matter of wrapping them in fabric. You can also cut a bit of thin foam in the sizes of the pieces to make them slightly thicker but a lot more softer and nicer to the touch.

Next it is a matter of lining up all of the needed pieces in the correct places so you have a dollhouse spread on the floor. Sew the pieces together. Then start folding them to make the actual house. Sew together all of the pieces except for the front opening.

Add a few fabric latches and buttons to the top sides so that you can close the dollhouse and transport it. It is also a great way to keep toys and other items handy when you travel with your child.

Next it is time to decorate the outside of the fabric dollhouse. Add windows from felt as well as all other details you please. Finally, it is a matter of decorating the inside of the house, too. You can add beds, tables and etc. Or, you can leave your child to do that and make it a great home from home for dolls and stuffed animals.