How to make a cute and big Larry the Lizard stuffed animal

How to make a cute and big Larry the Lizard stuffed animalStuffed animals love to party and have fun. They also love big parties with lots of friends. Especially if you can create these plush friends yourself. Here’s yet another great tutorial, this time on how to make your own Larry the Lizard stuffed animal.

This one comes from the Kunin Felt Foss manufacturing company. It’s official name is the Rainbow Shaggy Plush Felt™ and Rainbow Classic Felt™Larry the Lizard.

This particular stuffie was designed by Barbara Swanson and it was published way back in June 2000. Sadly, the site these days is only available via the Web Archive.

It’s almost 18 years now, but Larry the Lizard still looks great. The process is a bit more challenging than other plushies we have featured here┬ábefore. Still, the end result is also quite more impressive.

You will also need the pattern which comes in a PDF. Since this is mostly a themed plushie meant for the Kunin Felt, it’s featured as the type you can use. In reality, you can use any type of colorful felt or fabric to create Larry.

You will need several different colors though, along with foam, poly-fil or other stuffing. If you want full results, you will also have to get embroidery floss, fabric glue. Here’s the full list:

Making Larry the Lizard stuffed animal


  • Rainbow Shaggy Plush Felt; 1/2 yard or (2) 18″ x 22 1/2″ craft cuts Groovy Green
  • Rainbow Classic Felt 9″ x 12″;
      • (1) Coral Dawn
      • (1) Limbo Lime
      • (1) Wave Green
      • (1) Mango Tango
      • (1) Yellow
      • (1) Misty Blue
      • (1) White
      (1) Black
  • 12 oz. bag of Poly-fil┬« by Fairfield
  • Dimensional paint – White, Black
  • Embroidery Floss – Yellow, Black
  • Fabric glue
  • Stuffing tool or chopstick (optional)
  • General supplies: sewing threads to coordinate with materials, scissors, pins, sewing machine, hand sewing needles, ruler, pencil, compass (optional), washable chalk marker.

Then comes the time to start. Print out the pattern and cut the felt or fabric in the according way. Remember to read the full instructions before continuing. In the end result, Larry measures 23″ from nose to tail and 23″ across from fingertip to fingertip. So, he’s quite huggable.