How to make a Bean Bag stuffed animal

How to make a Bean Bag stuffed animalThis free guide shows you how to make a Bean Bag stuffed animal with ease. It is for small stuffies, but it can easily be scaled to the size you need it.

The pattern is made by Crafts Beautiful. It features parts for you to make several different Bean Bag stuffed animals out of relatively similar piece. The pattern is here. From it you can make a polar bear, rhino, horse or a zebra.

The needed pieces are basically the same. The main differentiators are the fabric you will use which should be white for the polar bear, brown for the horse and etc. You can use fleece, felt, velour or whatever you prefer.

Start by printing out or redrawing the pattern to the size you need. Cut the template pieces from paper and use them to cut out the pieces from the fabric, too. You will need to make two side bodies, two underbodies, one head gusset, four feet, and six ears. Six because you will stitch two by two pieces to make a total of three ears. The third ear will actually be used as a tail.

Remember to sew the pieces with their outer sides facing each other. Leave a small opening to be able to turn the pieces inside out and then stuff them with polyester stuffing and plastic beans. You can get these from your local crafts store.

Do this for each piece and then start stitching them together. When done you can add detailing like eyes, embroidery and so on. There are also several additional steps you can make when creating the different wild bean bag stuffed animals. You can check out their special tips right here. Of course, you are also free to explore your creativity and make a bean bag stuffed animal to your tastes.