How to maintain a Furby

How to maintain a Furby
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Dan Brickley

Maintaining a Furby and keeping it happy requires some effort. You will have to feed it, clean it and take proper care of it. Lets see how to maintain a Furby with ease.

Furbies are electronic toys that go back to 1998 when they first came out. Ever since then they have been very popular. Really. Very popular.

Apart from being very funny, Furbies can also help kids learn to take care of their pets and friends. In order to maintain a Furby you will have to do regular cleaning and changing its batteries.

How to maintain a Furby with ease

The first order of business is to change the batteries if needed. If your Furby starts to not respond as crisply as before or the lights are dimmer and/or the movement is slower, you will have to change the batteries.

Turn the Furby upside down and turn it off with the switch. Some people say you also have to hold its mouth down and opened with your finger. This will reset the Furby and keep everything in check. You will need a screw driver to unscrew the lid of the battery compartment. Replace the four AA batteries in accordance with the instructions inside, then screw the lid back on and turn the Furby on.

Cleaning a Furby is a bit more difficult. Because the toy has a lot of electronics you can’t simply pop it in the washing machine.

Instead you will have to clean it by hand. First take a soft brush and brush the Furby off of the surface dust. You will then have to use a damp cloth in soapy water. The cloth should be damp but now dripping with water. Wipe the toy and then pat it down with a dry cloth or a towel. Repeat if needed.

Another option is to use baking soda. This method can be very effective if done right. For more details on it, check this out.

And finally, you will have to feed your Furby. You can use a small spoon and press the tongue of the toy. But do that only when Fubry asks for a meal. You will know for sure then that happens. This way you will maintain your Furby properly and it will be very happy with you.