How to keep your senior dog’s brain sharp

How to keep your senior dog's brain sharpWith age even dogs can have problems remembering basic things. Our four-legged friends need special attention when they become elders. Here’s what to do.

While it may not look like it, dogs can have difficulties remembering when they grow old, just like humans. But while often you can simply tell a human what they need to know, it is not that easy with dogs. Happily there are some tips you can apply and help keep your senior dog’s brain sharp.

For example, don’t think you can only teach a dog new things when it is young. You can actually teach them all the time. It will even help them stay sharp. Of course not all dogs are eager to learn new things. So, instead of tricks, you can give a name to all of his or hers toys and use that name to tell them to bring the toy or to find it. Start with one toy at a time, though. Add new ones with their names when the dog has already learned the previous ones.

While we are talking about toys, keep your dogs active. Exercise, play. Keep in mind that the pooch is now a senior and probably can’t run and play as long and as intensively as before. Add new games, though. Dogtime is advising to teach hide an seek.

To teach your senior pup how to play hide and seek, first command him to sit and hide the prize in an obvious area so he can watch to see where you’re putting it. Then give him a release signal to go find the toy. Once he finds the toy, reward him big time. Once your dog is familiar with the rules, ramp up the difficulty of the exercise by hiding the toy or treat in a different room or underneath something. Get creative and hide the treats in cardboard boxes, in between couch cushions, or in different parts of your home.
Also keep in mind that the teeth of dogs are not that tough when the age number climbs. So instead get the dog new, softer toys.
You can consult your vet about preparing a proper diet for your senior dog. This will provide proper nutrition and vitamins and help keep your dog in shape.
Finally, probably most important, show your dog love and attention every day. It will make him or her feel much, much better.