How to improve the sleep of your kids

How to improve the sleep of your kidsProper sleep is very important for every person. More so for growing children. They often have trouble sleeping well, though, due to various reasons.

Some kids are just restless, others have bad sleeping habits or patterns. Usually a glass of milk and a bedtime story are seen as the perfect way to help your kid fall asleep.

That maybe so, but there are quite a lot of other factors, Huffington Post reports. You should set up the entire room in a way that supports healthy sleep.

This means a quality mattress, bedding and soft sheets. The more comfortable, the better the sleep. You’d be surprised how often kids wake up in the night all due to an uncomfortable bed. Of course, they can’t know why, so they can’t tell you. But give them a more comfortable bed and than and you will see the difference.

Next, limit the screen time at night. Screens give out blue light which lowers the melatonin levels which in turn are important for quality sleep. Some devices have night filters which lower the blue light. Still, it’s best to limit screen time about half an hour before bedtime.

Also add… you guessed it, stuffed animals! They have a soothing effect and help kids relax. If your child is still an infant, then remove the toys from the crib after he or she falls asleep. Also avoid using furry blankets and too big blankets, it’s important you do so. For bigger kids, that’s not a problem and they can cuddle with their favorite stuffies all night.

Also, don’t neglect the importance of a clean and tidy room. Dust and hoover often, keep things clean and fresh. Also, paint the room in a calming color like a soft blue or something similar. Avoid bright colors. All of this should create a nice, cozy environment which promotes good, healthy sleep.