How to find duplicates of lost stuffed animals

How to find duplicates of lost stuffed animalsIt happens way too often – you travel with kids and they have their stuffed animal in their hand. Then you blink and the plushie is gone. This can be very traumatizing for kids… And for their parents, too. So, what do to?

Well, at first anyone would try to simply find the lost stuffed animal. That’s possible in certain cases. If, for example, the toy was lost at an airport you can contact it and ask if any employee has found the toy.

Often employees found toys and forgotten items and bring them to a special lost-and-found office. There are such at many stations, institutions, airports, etc. Even in some public transport. So, it’s a good idea to ring the service up and ask them if someone has found the toy.

Sadly, there’s also the possibility of noone finding the toy. So, you have to have a plan B. Some parents rely on the help of social media. We also often receive questions about where people can find duplicates of often stuffed animals. Other people ask in social media groups, too. But the chances are slim.

So, there are several other options as Lifehacker shows. It would be easy if you know the exact make and name of the toy. But, of course, that’s not always possible. So, you could check if you have a photo of the toy. Upload it to Google Images. This way you can identify similar photos of similar toys and eventually find out who makes the stuffed animal.

If you already know who made the toy, contact them. Even if they don’t sell it anymore, they could be able to help you with further information about the toy and where you could find it. Or, they may have a few left in their warehouse. You never know.

Another option is to simply order a duplicate from a professional. Yes, there are several Etsy shops which make replicas of stuffed animals. You only need to send them a few photos and details. But, beware, this service will cost you a lot. If you are good with sewing, you could try and do it yourself, too.