How to embroider a nose on a stuffed animal

How to embroider a nose on a stuffed animal

Embroidering is a great way to give your stuffed animals a new look. It can also be handy when you make your own stuffies and it is very easy to do.

We’ve already covered some of the basics of embroidering. Now lets check out something more specific. Like how to embroider a nose on a stuffed animal for example.

You need a needle, a pair of scissors and embroidery floss. You can get that at your local crafts store or at your local tailor supply store.There are lots of different colors so you will be spoiled for choice. If the toy already has an embroided nose, don’t worry, the new one will cover it completely so you can choose a different color if you wish.

Take the floss and cut a length of it. The exact length depends on the size of the nose you are going to make but it’s better to have more than needed. So start with 24 inches or so which should be more than enough.

Thread the needle and place it halfway on the length of floss. Thus you now have a 12-inch double length. Take both ends and tie them together in a knot.

Insert the needle in the bottom left side of the edge of the nose. If your toy doesn’t have a nose, you can draw a simple outlne of the shape and use it as guidance. Then direct the needle to come out at bottom right side of the edge of the nose. Pull the thread all the way to the end so that the knot goes in and stays in with the rest of the floss coming out from the right side.

Take the needle and insert it again on the left side of the nose and pull it ouf from the right side. Then do that again and again. Place each stitch as close to the previous one as possible so that you cover the entire surface of the nose. Be patient and don’t rush.

When you are done, it is time to anker the stitches. Insert the needle and this time direct it to come out from underneath the chin of the toy. Pull the floss out, but be carefull not to pull to much and change the shape of the nose. Then carefully cut the excess floss as close to the chin as possible, so there is no thread showing. Your stuffie now has a brand new nose.