How to determine the value of Beanie Babies

How to determine the value of Beanie Babies
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Dominique Godbout

Beanie Babies are still regarded as some of the most collectible stuffed animals. These toys were all the rage in the 90s and still have lots of fans. Some of them often ask how to determine the value of their Beanie Babies.

These toys had a huge bubble in the 90s. There are even books about the whole story. In short, at first Ty Warner tried to do limited quantities of the toys and create some extra interest by lining people up at the stores. But in reality there was never any shortage of the toys and when the bubble burst, lots of people were left with huge collections of Beanie Babies they made with the intention of selling them.

Even if most of the Beanie Babies toys are going for pretty cheap, there are a few models that are actually rare and more desired than others. The best way to determine which are the rare ones is to do a web search for the name of your Beanie Babie toy. You can also check the prices for it on eBay. This will give you a good guidance what to expect from your toy.

But, before you set up the value high, take some time to actually expect the stuffie. For example, if the tags are missing, this can lose you up to 50% of the value! If the tags are present but in bad shape, this also lowers the value.

The same goes if the toy is too dirty, worn out, torn or has missing details and accessories. Basically if the toy isn’t in mint condition, you can’t expect top price for it.

Some extra details on the prices. Don’t go for the too high prices though. Some retailers and sellers simply want to take advantage and post unrealistic prices. Go for the middle of the prices range and take note that you look at the relatively recent listings from the past four to six months.