How to deodorize your stuffed animals

How to deodorize your stuffed animalsWith time stuffies can pick up lots of dust and scents that make them smell not so good. This can make cuddling with them not so pleasant as it should be. But there is a way for you to deodorize your stuffed animals and make them smell lovely.

Stuffies are like scent magnets. Their soft fluffy materials are like a sponge when it comes to picking scents from the air.


Especially if you smoke in the room or they are close to the kitchen. Then they can get really smelly really fast.

Here a a few good ways to deodorize your stuffed animals

Of course the easiest way is to simply throw the smelly stuffies in the washing machine and give them a reall cleaning. But some stuffed animals can’t be put in the washing machine for various reasons. For example they have electronics in them or the materials they are made of, are not suitable.

First you can give them the classic baking soda bath. This means that you should put the toy in a plastic bag and then spinkle a few teaspoons of baking soda. Close the bag and shake the stuffie good to get the soda all over it. After a few minutes of shaking remove the bag and dust the toy off of the baking soda. Some say that you should leave the stuffie in the bag for a couple of hours for even better effect. This will remove all of the surface dirt and maybe even a little of the scent.

The second step is to get some fabric refresher spray and spray the toy with it. If you want a more natural scent, you can mix white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and again spray the stuffie with it. Don’t spray too much though. You don’t want the toy soaking wet, just a little moust. Then you can again place it in a plastic bag on the sun for a few hours to make sure the bad scent is completely replaced with a new fresher and nicer smell. Your stuffed animals now should be deodorized.

Another nifty tip is that you can hug your stuffies for a little while after you have put your perfume on. This will make your stuffed animals smell just like your perfume. But don’t spray them with perfume, as the odor is too strong and you won’t get the desired effect.