How to deal with spring allergies

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How to deal with spring allergiesSpring is the time where most allergies remind of themselves. They can be especially tough on children. Lets see a few ways to relieve spring allergies.

People can have different symptoms of spring allergies. Some people may feel slightly nauseated. Other can have itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, stuffy noses and so on. Sometimes the symptoms only show up when you are around a certain flower. Sometimes though they can be almost constant.

Pharmacist and creator of oogiebear Nina Farzin has shared with HealthNewsDigest a few helpful tips for relieveing spring allergies in children.

First up is to keep the windows closed. This will keep the polen and dust away. On windy days this is especially importantat.

Next Farzin says you should limit the amount of stuffed animals that are present. Don’t keep them on the bed of the child. Nina says it is best to store the stuffies away, but we all know that that might be easier said than done. So an alternative way is to choose a couple stuffies or keep them in rotation if the child wants more and wash them regularly.

We have already made a few tutorials on how to deal with dust mites, lice and other stuff. To that often if your child has symptoms of spring allergies.

“A stuffy or runny nose is a telltale sign of spring allergies and very uncomfortable for kids. Clear out blocked noses with oogiebear – a special mucus removal tool designed to safely and gently remove both wet and dried mucus from a child’s nostrils. This can help your child breathe easier and the tool works to clean ears too”, says Farzin.

She also says the use of a dehumidifier is highly recommended. It will help remove mold, midlew and dust mites which like moist areas.

If the symptoms are not eased you should consult with your doctor.