How to convince Santa to bring you the toys you want

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How to convince Santa to bring you the toys you wantThe time is almost here! Christmas is coming and Santa is already awaiting for your letters! Here’s how to convince him to bring you the toys you want.

We got the idea from TheNewsStar which has already selected the toys it wants for Christmas and it is trying to convince Santa to bring them. But while they do a good job of convincing Santa about the toys they want, what if you prefer different toys?

There is one unwritten golden rule. It’s not so much the gift you want, but the way and reasons you want it. Be able to provide a compelling reason in your letter to Santa why you actually want and need that toy (or toys). A simple “I want it” or “it’s really cool” is not enough. You have to learn to be able to defend your positions with proper arguments. For example explain why this toy is cool, what it has more than the others, what are its main benefits.

Also be realistic with your wishes. Sure, you may want a real unicorn but who will take care of it? Where will it sleep? What will you feed it? It may be better to get a stuffed animal unicorn instead. FurReal Friends Starlity is the closest you can get to a real unicorn without the hassle – it looks great, it makes real sounds and features interactive features.

Another great tip about convincing Santa is being honest. Yes, we are told he only brings toys to good children so we tend to overstate our good deeds we’ve done throughout the year and we tend to “forget” to mention our mistakes. Santa knows this very well. So a better way to win his approval is to admit both your good and bad things, then promise to actively work on fixing your mistakes and become even better. This is what Santa wants after all – to make you a better person. So be honest with him and he might even help you out with more than just toys and stuffed animals.