How to clear enough space for your stuffed animals

How to clear enough space for your stuffed animalsWith the holidays approaching you’re bound to get some more new stuffed animals in your collection. If you have a lot of stuffies, you probably have some issues with the space to keep them. Here’s how to clear enough space for them in your home.

Now the obvious answer is “well, keep only the stuffies you really, really like”. But of course we like all of our stuffed animals equally and a lot.

But there’s a lot of other stuff that we may let go in order to get to keep our stuffies. Since you’re on this site, we’re inclined to take a wild guess that you would agree with us.

Here’s how to clear enough space for your stuffed animals

First up start with refocusing yourself. Where do you keep the majority of your soft toys? Lets say they are mostly in your bedroom. Them maybe you should turn the stuffed animals into the main focus of the room? Or maybe you should put them almost all in another room that is focused on them.

By “focused” we mean that the stuffied would be the center of attention in the given room. This will allow you to “see” what else should stay in this room. You’d be surprised at how much stuff can actualy find another place or even can be thrown out.

Also don’t try to overfill the room with anything, even stuffed animals. If you do have A LOT then try to keep them organized and tidy. If they look like they’re simply thrown around, this will make the entire room feel “heavy” and cluttered. Plus you’d waste valuable space.

This is the next tip. Organize and tidy up. Place the stuffies close one to another, have them take a sit or prop them up against something. Try to use the available space as much as possible.

You can also add some extra storage space for the stuffies. Make a stuffed zoo for example. Or a hammock for your stuffed animals. They will allow you to utilize some extra space and keep things both organized and interesting.

It is also quite important to keep the room tidy as time goes by. It is very easy to quickly clutter the room with all kinds of stuff, not only stuffed animals. Try to do a purge and a tidy up session every a couple of months or so. This will allow you to have much more space for your stuffed animals that you would expect.