How to clean your stuffed toys

How to clean your stuffed toys
This stuffed cow is more than 30 years old, but regular maintenace has kept it looking as good as new.

The dreaed day has come. Your favorite stuffed animal is too dirty and it has to be cleaned. How to clean your stuffed toys without shrinking them or risking other sorts of damages?

Sometimes, depending on the detergents, it the materials can lose their colors or get saggy. Both outcomes are not something any stuffed animal would like to experience. So always read the label of the toy which may contain some useful instructions on how to clean it. But sometimes such label is missing. What to do?

Happily there is a way to actually clean your stuffed toys without any water with the so called “dry bath”. It even has the added benefits of removing germs and microorganisms. The added benefit is that it’s easy to do. And its a great way to clean animated stuffed animals with electronics in them.

How to clean your stuffed toys with a dry bath

First you will need a big plastic bag. Put the stuffed toy in the bag. Then take a couple of tea spoons of baking soda and pour them in the bag with the stuffed animal.

Next shake the bag for a few minutes in order to let the soda do its thing. Afterwards take the stuffie out of the bag.

Get a brush and… brush all of the soda of the stuffed animal. Doing this will remove the dirt along with the soda.

You can do this dry bath every a couple of months or so, depending on the state of the toy. Don’t use a too hard brush so no to damage the stuffie.

I want to clean them with water

If the stuffed animal is too dirty then using water may be your only option. It’s best to use a mild detergent and a fabric softener. This will make the toys nice and soft, maybe even better than new. When drying them up, don’t use fans, dryers, hair dryers, radiators and so on. Leave them in the air or on the sun for a couple of hourse (not too hot though). You can check out more on how to clean your stuffed toys with water here.