How to clean giant stuffed animals

How to clean giant stuffed animals
Image creidt: Big Plush

Big stuffed animals are great fun. But the bigger they are, the harder is to keep them clean and maintain them. Lets see how to clean giant stuffed animals.

Giant stuffed animals require some special attention. There are many of them. All fun and very impressive. Sadly they are also big, no pun intended, dust magnets.

So how to clean giant stuffed animals?

It is relatively easy, but it will require some patience. The process is basically the same but you have to scale it up quite a bit.

Since we are talking about giant stuffed animals, the washing machine is most likely out of the guestion. Unless you know of some enormous washing machine somewhere. Basically you would have to stick with the other household treatments.

Before you start, take a good look at the toy. Remove all of the accessories that can be removed. Take note for any tears, ripped seams or other damages that would require your attention beforehand. Then it is time for the cleaning.

First start with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the toy on all sides with using the hose attachment with a small brush for best effects. Then get some baking soda and use this method. Another option is to mix some vinegar in hot water and rub the fur with a damp cloth.

You could also fill the bathtub and mix some water and detergent and soak the toy in it. But keep in mind that if you soak a giant stuffed animal it will then became very heavy from all the water it will absorb and it will also require a very, very long time to dry completely.

So a better way would be spot washing. Mix soap and water and use a soft to medium brush to scrub the toy. Alternate with wiping the area with a wet cloth until all of the soap has been rinsed off. You may have to repeat the treatment a few times, especially if the toy is very dirty,

Then leave the giant stuffed animal to dry slowly at room temperature. You can fluf the fur back to its original softness with the help of a dry towel and/or a hair brush. Also check out our other tips in this area. Your giant stuffed animals are now clean, groomed and ready for new adventures.