How to clean Beanie Babies

How to clean Beanie Babies
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / lovely lemur

Beanie Babies are a popular stuffed animals brand that has been around for some time. They need some extra attention so that they can be always clean and ready for cuddling. We will take a look at how to clean Beanie Babies and keep them spotless.

Beanie Babies have not been without their fair share of myths and issues though. Recently there was a myth that they are home to spider eggs for example. This has been proven to be false of course.

So now that you can be safe in the knowledge that your Beanie Babies have nothing to worry about you can continue collecting them. Keeping a collection though requires some maintenance.

Here’s how to clean Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies are unique in the sence of their stuffing. Before you begin to clean such a toy, take a good look for tears, loose stitches and etc. You don’t want the stuffie to tear while cleaning and the pellets to fall out.

Next take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the toy with the appropriate attatchment or straight with the hose. This will remove surface dirt and the dust that has been accumulated.

You can also use a moist soft cloth with water or soapy water to wipe the dirt away. Be careful not to get the toy saturated or wet. You need it to be only a little moist. Also don’t scrub too fast or hard as you can damage the materials. Take your time.

You may redo this a couple of times until you’re satisfied but allow for some extra time for the toy to dry up so not to become saturated with water. The reason you don’t want it saturated is because Beanie Babies use delicate materials that can get damaged or shrink when too wet.

After you’re done, leave the stuffie out in the air or even on the sun to dry completely.

If the toy has long fur or hair take a comb with a soft brush and brush the fur to restore its original look. Or… you may want to give your toy a whole new hairstyle. It’s up to you. But now you have a properly cleaned up Beanie Babies toy (or toys) that you can enjoy, play and cuddle with.