How to clean a stuffed animal with shampoo

How to clean a stuffed animal with shampooThere are lot of options to clean stuffed animals. One of them is to use shampoo and water. But is it something that you should do? Let’s find out!

There are several different things you need to consider before using shampoo to clean a stuffed animal or a plush toy. First is to check the labels of the stuffie to see if it has any limitations about the possible detergents. There are some fabrics and toys that don’t allow the use of detergents. Others only allow a surface washing. For them cleaning with baking soda could be a better solution. Check the label of the toy for details.

Washing a stuffed animal with shampoo is better done carefully and by hand. Take some cotton wool or a soft and clean rag. Dampen it with some warm water and then put a few small drops of shampoo on the cotton. Rub them in with a finger and then start cleaning the fur of the stuffed animal.

Start with a small area and rub it clean. Don’t rush. Take your time and observe the cotton. If it gets too dirty, take some more cotton and dampen it and add shampoo on it. Then continue cleaning the toy.

Next, use another clean cotton wool or a clean rag. Dampen it with water but don’t add shampoo. Simply rub the toy this way. This is to get the shampoo off the toy. You will need to repeat this step a few times with slightly damp cloths to be sure you have gotten the shampoo off the toy and the stuffie is as clean as possible.

The difference should be easy to see between the cleaned and dirty parts. So move on to the next one and repeat the procedure until the entire toy is cleaned. Then leave it close to a radiator for example to dry. When the toy is dry it is time to fluff the fur and groom it. Then you are ready!