How to clean a Build-A-Bear toy

How to clean a Build-A-Bear toy
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Anthony Easton

Build-A-Bear toys need some cleaning just like any other toy. Since they are custom made, you want to have a more special approach. Lets see how to clean a Build-A-Bear toy.

We have covered Build-A-Bear quite a lot. Here is some extra info if you don’t know the company that well. Given that you will be making unique stuffed animals, you will want to take¬†good care of them.

How to clean a Build-A-Bear toy

Since Build-A-Bear toys can use delicate materials, in order to keep them in good shape, you will have to avoid the washing machine. If you do, their stuffing will expand and can even rip the seams of the toy. Usually it is best to do the so-called surface wash technique.

Actually Build-A-Bear caters their own cleaning agents. It all starts with a damp cloth which you should use to wipe the stuffed animal. This will remove the excess dirt.

Then you can spray Bear Stuff Cleaner that is made by Build-A-Bear. The company says it is specially made for its toys so there will be no issues with their materials and you can use it often without worrying something will go wrong.

After you have sprayed the sufrace of the toy, get a clean cloth and wipe the toy once again. Now let it dry in the air for a while and it is done. Repeat if needed.

Don’t have the special spray, or don’t want to spend extra money? No problem. There is an alternative. Mix some warm water with a mild soap and dampen the cloth in it. Use this to wipe the toy. Then wipe again with a dry cloth.

Your Build-A-Bear toy is too dirty? Then you can try the baking soda technique before you use the mild detergent.

The good news is that you can treat your Build-A-Bear toys for dust mites, lice or other issues with the traditional ways. If your toy has a soundbox, it is best to remove it before you place the toy in the freezer though. And be careful not to get the toy too wet because this can damage the soundbox as well. Other than that you can safely clean your Build-A-Bear toys and have them always looking fresh and ready to play and cuddle.