How to choose the right stuffed animal

How to choose the right stuffed animalChoosing the right stuffed animal for you or a loved one, can sometimes be a challenge. But with a few simple tips, you can solve it with ease.

Now why is that even a thing you ask? Well, if you are buying a stuffed animal as a gift you would want it to be an animal that the receiver of the gift likes. But since, there are countless of stuffies for each animal, you have to pick one that matches the preferences of the one who will own it.

For example, some may like more cartnoonish stuffed animals, others would prefer more realistic stuffies. One would love a stuffie in a costume, while another will prefer a classic plushie and so on.

Next you should know what colors and fabrics the future owner prefers. If you are choosing a stuffed animal for a young kid or a baby, then make sure the toy is suitable for that age group. Also make sure it doesn’t have any removable accessories or items that can be swallowed. It is best if the toy has its eyes and details sewed on so it is as safe as possible. Also, the toy shouldn’t have metal wiring inside to prop it up.

If you are choosing a gift for a stuffed animal collector, then you can go all out. You can opt for a toy with electronics, articulated joints, accessories and so on.

You can also choose a stuffed animal as a gift for a specific reason. For example a teddy bear with a diploma or graduation hat for, you guessed it, a graduation. The possibilities are endless. All you need is a little bit of time to research the toys and a little knowledge about the person who will be the lucky receiver of the said stuffed animal.