How to choose a name for a teddy bear

How to choose a name for a teddy bearYou need to choose a cool name for your teddy bear. At first this seems easy but you can’t seem to stop on a name. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Sometimes the teddy bears come with their own names. Like Paddington, Winnie the Pooh and so on. But there are also lots of teddy bears that don’t and need your help.

Choosing a name for a teddy bear is a big responsibility. It is the name that the stuffie will carry forever. But there are a few easy ways to be sure you’ve picked a good name.

First take the teddy bear and simply look at it. Does it have obvious features that tell you it is a girl or a boy? It will help you in the name picking process. Actually sometimes all you need is to look at the teddy bear and the perfect name simply pops up in your head. You will know that because you will like this name the most no matter how many other options you try.

Still no good ideas? Keep looking at the teddy bear. If it is a themed teddy, maybe the name can be derived from it. For example a police teddy bear can be called Poli. Or Fuzz.

What if the teddy bear is not themed or you simply don’t want to call it Bookworm? Then think about your most favorite real names. Say them while looking at the teddy bear. Does it feel like some of the names are fitting well? Yes? Great.

Still no? What personality do you fell like the teddy bear has? Try to think of a name that reflects this. For example Buff for a macho-looking teddy bear.

There are also some lists of popular teddy bear names. Like this one. You can mix and match them or change them a bit until you find the one name that works best for your teddy bear.