How to celebrate the National Teddy Bear Day

How to celebrate the National Teddy Bear Day
Image credit: Build-A-Bear

The National Teddy Bear Day is this Saturday on Sept. 10th. It’s a fun-filled day with lots of activities to choose from. Here are some ideas to have fun.

Many schools, town halls, parks and other institutions will have special Teddy Bear Day events. Companies like Build-A-Bear will also have special events.

Build-A-Bear will offer a special commemorative teddy bear. The National Teddy Bear Day bear will cost $5. This is the first teddy bear the company creates specifically for the event. The company will also offer two additional stuffed bears for $5 each.

Fans can purchase up to five of these bears as supplies are limited and they will be offered only during the National Teddy Bear Day. For every $5 teddy bear which fans purchase, the company will donate one bear to charity. Toys fir Tots in the US can get up to 30 000 bears, while Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada – up to 1000 bears. Also, the Childhood First organization in the US can expect up to 6000 bears.

Build-A-Bear will have a Teddy Bear Day Twitter Party which will be on Twitter on Thursday Sept. 8 from 9 PM ET. This means later today!

If you prefer something else for the National Teddy Bear Day, there are other options, too. For example, the Historic Downtown Glendale and Catlin Court will host a big party on Saturday. It will start on 10 AM and go on until 4 PM.

The Glendale Visitor Center will offer a map and bear-themed grab bag (for the first 200 visitors) and visit with Al the Bear. This cute bear will entertain fans from 10 a.m. to noon. Pictures are encouraged!

Also, a lot of stores in the town will take part in the National Teddy Bear day. They will offer visitors with bears special offers, prices and etc. Some will even hold their own events like a teddy bear puppet show for example.

So, be sure to check out your local options as you will for sure find something interesting and fun! And don’t forget to bring along a teddy bear… or two… or three… you get the picture. Above all else, have fun!