How to celebrate New Year’s Eve with stuffed animals

How to celebrate New Year's Eve with stuffed animals
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / zyxoma

Celebrating New Year’s Eve is a great time. Your stuffed animals also want to join in on the fun. Lets see how to celebrate New Year’s Eve with stuffed animals.

New Year’s Eve parties are usually outside in a club somewhere or in the square. But sometimes you do have a party at home. This is also the time where usually stuffies are put in the closet out of the way, which makes them sad. Why not celebrate New Year’s Eve with your stuffed animals?

It is very easy to do and it will make your party that much more special and unique. But it all starts with some preparation. Gather the stuffies that will participate and groom them a bit. Take their favorite accessories and toys to be around them for the party.

Then set them up on their special table or a room if they have one. Place the stuffies somewhere in the room of the party where they would not get in the way but will still be able to see and feel like a part of the party.

Also don’t forget to include them in the party as it goes on. Make pictures of the stuffed animals on their table and having fun with the guests.

You can also include them in the dancing. While dancing with a stuffed animal may seem a bit strange at first, but trust us, it is fun and can be quite entertaining for everyone. Having fun is the main goal here.

But what if you are going to party somewhere else? If your stuffies are going to be home alone on New Year’s Eve, this still doesn’t mean they can’t party, right?

You can again prepare them for their own party. Set them up at the real table though. If they are having the house to themselves, they get to use the comfortable stuff.

You can also leave them a working TV or play them some music. This way they can have fun while you’re having fun. The added benefit is that the lights and noise can deter thieves who usually use New Year’s Eve for looking for empty houses.

And have a great Happy New Year!