How to celebrate Halloween with stuffed animals

How to celebrate Halloween with stuffed animals
We stuffies do not fear any ghost or monster

Halloween is upon us. Scary ghost and goblins walk around and try to intimidate young and old everywhere. But fear not. As any true lover of stuffed animals will say, you fear noone when your favorite stuffie is with you.

As any child will tell you, stuffed animals have the powers to scare any monster and ghost or whatever scary you may come across. These powers last forever and are a part of every stuffed animal. That though doesn’t mean that they don’t like Halloween. Quite the opposite.

Stuffies too like to have some fun. So here’s how to celebrate Halloween with stuffed animals in a few easy steps.

Halloween with stuffed animals in seven steps

Step one. Choose appropriate Halloween costumes. While many shops and manufacturers sell ready made Halloween costumes for stuffed animals, you don’t really need them. Part of Halloween is to promote creativity, so go make a special outfit for your stuffie. You don’t really need special clothes. You can build them a scary robot costume from cardboard for example. Or attach some tools or other various household items that you deem scary. Another option is to include a stuffed animal in your own Halloween costume. Maybe as the scary cat for a witch?

Step two. Go to a show. There are Halloween themed shows that feature stuffed animals and puppets. Especially arround the weekend you will find lots of such event.

Step three. Go to or hold a Halloween themed party. Invite other owners of stuffed animals with their favorite toys all dressed up in scary costumes.

Step four. Have your dressed stuffie go with your child for a round of the good old classic “trick-or-treat”.

Step five. Have fun and take pictures. Share them with friends and with us :) You can do that here or at our forum.

Step six. Buy a new stuffed animal for your collection on Halloween. It may even be a ready-made themed stuffie that will remind you of the holiday.

Step seven. Dress up as a stuffed animal. Get to experience what it is like to be a stuffed animal even if on Halloween. Think about it. You would look good posing as a teddy bear with your own teddy bears.

Also, don’t try and pick an animal that would be suitable for Halloween because it looks scary. Halloween is also about the unordinary. So a very cute looking plushie with a scary outfit or a few scary accesoaries will have a tremendous effect. And remember to have fun.