How to buy stuffed animals at a garage sale

How to buy stuffed animals at a garage saleGarage sales are a great places to find nice deals. Including stuffed animals that need a new home. Here is what to look for when buying stuffies at garage sales.

Often the garage sales feature stuffed animals that are simply thrown somewhere in a bin. If you don’t see any, be sure to ask the seller. He or she might know where they are or will at least give you permission to roam around and look.

While you are looking for the stuffed animals, take note of the other items that are on sale and their condition. This will give you a good impression of what type of a person is the seller and whether or not he or she generally takes care of their items and possetions. At the least they should have give most of the items a decent cleaning.

Found the stuffies? Good. Don’t just grab them and buy them though. Take a good look at them. Are they clean? What condition are they in? Any tears or missing bits and details are to be used to a price decline negotiation. And if you see that they are too dirty or have been stored badly in a garage next to the rats for example, it may be better to walk away.

Take a look around for more toys. If their condition is satisfying it means the stuffed animals were also taken relatively good care of.

Ask for the pricing. Negotiate if you have found issues with the stuffies that will need reparing and/or if you are planning on buying more than one stuffed animal from the seller.

If you are having doubts, simply look at the stuffie. What does it “say” to you? Do you feel like this is a new friend? Or someone who need a new home where he would be taken care of? If so, buy the toy and repair it, give it a nice cleaning and welcome it to your stuffed animal family.