How to build a room for stuffed animals

How to build a room for stuffed animals
Flickr (CC) / zyxoma

You do love your stuffed animals, right? They have a special place in your home and usually that’s a shelf, your bed, couch and etc. But why not build a room for your stuffed animals that is their very own?

Of course we’re not talking about a huge real life room. We mean that you can build a room for stuffed animals tha’is suitable for their size. This will give them a place to hang out while you are out or not playing with them.


Here are a few ideas to build a room for stuffed animals

Like we said, the first thing is to size the room according to the size of the stuffies that will live in it. It’s best to start with something relatively small so for example build a room for your 5 to 10-inch tall stuffed animals.

For them a standard cardboard box will be a great start. You can cut windows and a door on the box in a design that you would like. You can  Next you can add some color to the box like some wallpaper for the inside and some decorations for the outside of the box.

Next up, carpet. For that you can use pretty much any old fabricl shirt or whatever. Cut it to the size of the floor of the box and lay it. You can also use some glue to fix it in place if you plan on making this a permanent addition to the room for your stuffed animals.

Of course any room need some furniture. The easiest way to do that is to get some furniture from an old dollhouse or buy some for a dollhouse and use them for your room for stuffed animals. However it’s possible that you will struggle to find the right scale.

So you can build some furniture yourself. You can use wood to make them a table like the one in the picture above.

Or you can use some cardboard and build them some stuff. For example this tool chest was made for an automotive diorama, but the idea still stands and can be applied and used when building a room for stuffed animals for example.


You can also use cardboard pieces to glue together chairs, tables, even a bed. You can then cover them in fabrics like from an old scarf for example. This way they will look even more realistic and will be more comfortable for your stuffed buddies.

Another option is to use styrofoam or orther similar material to add some extra detailing to the room. For example a mini shelf where you can put some small things and favorite items of your stuffed animals.

Have you already made a room for your stuffed animals or are you still planning to build one? We’d love to see your creations. You can share them in our forum.