How the Minions took over the world

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How the Minions took over the world
The Buld-a-Bear Minions gathered quite the interest.

After getting their own spin-off movie, the Minions have slowly but surely started to work on establishing their world domination. It looks like they did it.

At least that’s what the guys at USA Today’s Entertain This think and we agree with them. You can see a few ways they did manage to do just that.

Even Jon Hamm agrees:

He says that he noticed how during the two Despicable Me movies that the Minions were becoming the most talked about characters and were gaining popularity. Right before the interview he was “attacked” by a giant Minion on the red carpet.

Keep in mind that Ham played the villain in the Minions movie, so for him to be dwarfed and attacked by a Minion, says quite a lot for their current power.

Being very funny in only part of the reason why they did become so famous. They already have art paintings made for them.

The Minions already had a full on carnival. It featured a big Minions Ferris Wheel, Minions bowling, a slide, T-shirt printing and various games. One of the most funny ones was Knock-A-Minion. You can guess the prizes – more Minions!

On the Minions premiere there were also Minion Twinkie Cupcakes. You know you are on top of the world when you have cupkames made just for you.

Not good enough? Then how about Minion Rice Krispies? Maybe Minion marshmallows? Or, duh, Minions Bananas!

Want yet another reason why the Minions took over the world? The premiere was pretty packed with people. Lots ofthem were standing and eating even though there was one free table the entire time. It was a table reserved for the Minions and noone even dared to try and sit there even if the Minions didn’t actually use it at any point.

And finally, the Minions now have Sandra Bullock on their side. She said she is also a Minion and even wore suitable high heels that are especially for minions. How many other characters can claim such a star following them? That’s Minion power for your right there.

Naturally they also have quite a big following of fans and lots and lots of stuffies incoming. Some of them are already here.