How much are Beanie Babies worth

How much are Beanie Babies worth
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / lovely lemur

Beanie Babies are stuffed animal classics. As such they are a huge collectors’ item now. So how to know how much are Beanie Babies worth? Lets find out.

While Beanie Babies might not be trading for thousands of dollars like in the peak of their popularity, they are still a sought item. With that said, it is absolutely not needed for you to sell or trade your Beanie Babies. Especially if you like them and see in them more than just collectors’ toys.

But still it is nice to know how much are they worth just to have an idea of what you have. And that you should be taking good care of your Beanie Babies. Or maybe you want to buy one and not be scammed for paying too much? And to say it again, no, they are not home to spider eggs.

So how much are Beanie Babies worth?

First, obviously, you should check out the overall condition. The plush, tags and seams are the most important. If they look fresh and good, great. The tags must be present and in good state.

Also, the older the Beanie Baby, the better. Also check out the history of the toy. Was it more popular than other models? Is it rarer? Tags are a great indicator as they change throughout the years making it easier to distinguish the generations of Beanie Babies.

Next, research the prices. Take a quick look on eBay, Craigslist and a couple of other sites. Search for Beanie Babies and see how the prices go. You may just find a great bargain. But be careful with too cheap toys. It might be someone who simply doesn’t know or care about the rarity, but it might be someone who tries to sell a fake.

You can also see some price guides. But remember that they give you a ballpark estimate based on nearly ideal conditions. In real life things are different so you should trust your eyes and gut before investing in a Beanie Baby or selling one.